Steph Curry Shares Incredible Moment ‘Hypnotized’ Young Fans With Skillful Display

Steph Curry Shares Incredible Moment With Young Fan

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry shared a great moment with this fan As much as Steph Curry has changed NBA basketball, he has also been a major advocate for women’s basketball as well. Always supporting the WNBA, Curry has helped make some serious advancements in the women’s basketball world. One of the most notable instances of this came when Curry answered nine-year-old Riley Morrison’s request to have his Curry 5’s sized in girl’s and women’s sizes. This is one of many examples when Curry has embraced women’s basketball with his brand and platform. Having done this consistently throughout his career, Curry was recently asked what women’s basketball means to him by an aspiring young journalist who was seated behind him at a Stanford game.

It is not easy getting an exclusive interview with Curry, but the superstar point guard gave his time and attention to Ines Hill, a fifth grade student and aspiring journalist who wanted Curry’s thoughts on women’s basketball. Moments like these are never forgotten by young fans, especially when they are documented in this way. Janie McCauley of AP Sports did well to capture the moment when Curry answered the questions of this young reporter. The game of basketball always has a way of bringing people together, and Steph Curry has been in the center of so many moments like these. One of the most exciting players of all-time, Curry is also an all-time great person and ambassador of the game.


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