Patrick Mahomes Draws Tom Brady Comp After Ballistic Super Bowl Parade Shenanigans

Patrick Mahomes Draws Tom Brady Comp After Super Bowl Parade Shenanigans

There’s only one day a year when multimillion-dollar quarterbacks are allowed to get trashed and make silly decisions: the Super Bowl parade. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the latest example, as he put on a tour de force of shenanigans during Thursday afternoon’s post-Super Bowl festivities. The 27-year-old rocked an insane outfit, including Oakley goggles and a WWE title belt — all while slugging silver bullets and goofing off with fans. The most outrageous moment of Mahomes’ afternoon came early on, however, as he just straight up left the Lombardi Trophy with some fans.

Mahomes had a decision to make, holding the trophy in one hand and a beer in the other. Depending on who you ask, he made the right one. Of course, this little gaffe drew comparisons to Tom Brady, who pulled a similarly reckless move with the Lombardi after beating Mahomes and the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV just two years prior. Brady himself even felt the need to respond.

Brady, of course, had to be carried out of the Buccaneers’ parade two seasons back, much like Chiefs rookie Jaylen Watson.


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