Prince Harry And Meghan ‘Moving Muster’ As Duo Literally Become Object Of Laughing Stock

Prince Harry And Meghan Painfully Frustrated As Duo Literally Become Object Of Laughing Stock To Public

Apparent Royal expert Daniela Elser believes that Harry and Meghan Markle are being humiliated following the release of the Duke of Sussex’s book, ‘Spare’. Animated adult show South Park has announced that they are set to release an episode entitled ‘A Dumb Prince and His Stupid Wife’. “It is seriously driving me crazy,” South Park character Kyle says in a recently released preview of the episode. “I’m sick of hearing about them but I can’t get away from them. They’re everywhere, in my f***ing face.” Meanwhile, his friend Stan responds: “Look Kyle, we just don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife.”

Following the release of the trailer, Elser wrote a piece on to claim that Harry and Meghan have become “laughing stock”. “Mark your diaries, note down the date, jot this in the history books: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have literally become a laughing stock,” she wrote. “The Sussexes’ are starting to look less like power-players and much more like a punchline. “They have made themselves objects of permanent fascination but simultaneously of mockery thanks to their regular bouts of on-camera spleen-venting and attacks on his family.”

Handler mocks Harry

Meanwhile, comedian Chelsea Handler mocked Prince Harry during the Critics’ Choice Awards refereeing to his frozen penis story. “Dahmer became the third highest viewed show on Netflix, with a combined watch time of 1 billion hours,” she said. “Which, apparently, is the same amount of time we’re going to have to listen to Prince Harry talk about his frostbitten penis. It’s enough already.”


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