Meghan Markle Feels ‘Humiliated Publicly’ At Believing Harry Memoir Would Enhance And Heighten Personality Status’

eghan Markle 'embarassed' at believing Harry memoir would 'heighten celebrity status'

Meghan Markle will be “extremely embarrassed” after Prince Harry’s debut memoir Spare “made them the butt of the joke”, according to a royal commentator. Kinsey Schofield has claimed the Duchess of Sussex, 41, had hoped the book would “heighten their celebrity status”, but the plan seems to have backfired. In his tell-all autobiography, Harry shared details about his teenage struggles with drugs, the death of his mum Princess Diana and how he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field. Sasha Walpole then came forward claiming to be the “older woman” and gave an interview expressing her “disbelief” that the Duke of Sussex went into “so much detail” about their night together. Meghan has reportedly been left “mortified” by Sasha’s comments. Kinsey said it’s surprising that Sasha has come forward since she was mentioned “so briefly in his book”. “I’m sure both Meghan and Harry are completely mortified about this. I don’t think Harry thought Sasha would ever come forward,” she said in a new interview.

“It’s been made a bigger deal than he intended it to be. Meghan will be extremely embarrassed by the response it’s had. This is not the kind of attention she wants. “I think she thought this book would elevate them and heighten their celebrity status, but ultimately, it’s made them the butt of the joke,” she told New magazine. In his book, Harry described the night he lost his virginity as an “inglorious episode with an older woman” and claimed she treated him like a “young stallion”. Sasha, who is only two years older than Harry, said they had sex in a field after celebrating her 19th birthday at a pub in Wiltshire in 2001. “He made the move. Yeah, I don’t even really know why or what happened. We were just having a cigarette and before you know it it was all happening. “He started kissing me and then before you know it, it was all going on,” she told Piers Morgan on TalkTV. “I didn’t see him as Prince Harry, I saw him as Harry as a friend and I think that’s quite a big difference and we were quite drunk so you just get lost in the moment then before you know it. “You get up and then this reality kicks in.”


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