Princess Kate’s Unmasked The Face That Betrayed The Crown Through Harry’s Book Turns-Out To Be Her Cousin

Lucy Middleton, Princess Kate's cousin who betrayed the crown through Harry's book

The Prince and Princess of Wales are the Royal couple who are next in line to the throne after King Charles III either passes away or gives up his seat. For the last couple of years, Kate Middleton has been involved in a battle against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over their many differences. She needs all the help she can get but she never expected one of her own family to betray her. As it turns out, Lucy Middleton is an attorney to works for the firm that represents Prince Harry’s publisher. A few weeks back, the prince published his memoir and there are many in the UK who believe she betrayed her cousin. Lucy is the daughter of Richard Middleton, who is the brother of Princess Kate’s father and she always showed loyalty towards her famous cousin. This loyalty wasn’t always shown in her presence but also in many different actions that were evident. Lucy took up on a role of protector every time the Middletons were pursued by paparazzi. She has repeatedly protected both Kate and her sister Pippa. However, Lucy Middleton hasn’t been able to prevent her job from forcing her to pick a side in this publicized battle. Over the years as one of Britain’s most famous attorneys, Lucy has escalated positions that put her in a difficult spot.

She is currently a copyright specialist and represents one of the world’s most important editorial conglomerates. Lucy is the legal department manager at Penguin Random House, which is the same editorial that published Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ memoir. The local and international press immediately raised eyebrows with this evident conflict of interest. Suddently, Lucy Middleton is in a tough position becuase she has to do her job while she is helping someone who is directly attacking her cousin. There are many questions to be asked about Lucy Middleton’s role in all of this because she must’ve known the book was coming and she couldn’t do anything to even give the Royal Family a heads up.


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