Patrick Mahomes Painfully Downcast Suffers Injury Scare As Kansas City Chiefs Sweat Out In Pressure

Patrick Mahomes suffers injury scare as Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs fans are holding their breath as Patrick Mahomes suffered an injury scare at the end of the first quarter against Jacksonville Jaguars. Mahomes was seen in agony as he clutched his right ankle, following a sack by the Jaguars. The quarterback then started limping but continued to play through the pain, somehow making first down plays on one foot. The quarter ended and Mahomes had his ankle taped up, but began the second still visibly in a lot of pain. Their Super Bowl hopes rely on no.15, and both the fans and head coach Andy Reid will be praying that it’s not as serious as it initially looks. Mahomes was evaluated by the medical team, and has soon went into the locker room so that he could be examined closely. The quarterback initially refused to sit down as he was seen shouting: “I’m good, I’m good.” But the Chiefs are not taking any risks with their prized quarterback, and will temporarily call upon Chad Henne to fill in. Mahomes was seen running to the locker room rather than limping, so there is optimism that he will be good to return. It could be the biggest of blows for the Chiefs, who started the game in style – scoring on their first drive. Mahomes found Travis Kelce like he so often does, and they scored the opening touchdown of the game.

The Chiefs offense is one of the best in recent history, but a vital part of that is Mahomes, and they’re not the same without him. Mahomes was extremely charged up for Saturday’s clash, and will be hoping it’s not over. Mahomes was screaming at his Chiefs team-mates pre-game, as he made sure everyone was focused ahead of a crucial play-off clash. “Hey, enjoy this moment,” Mahomes barked as he addressed a charged up Chiefs huddle. “Cut it loose, play together, play fast, believe in each other, and let’s go and win a football game.” And Mahomes was complimentary of the Jaguars pre-game, commenting on how talented they are. “They’re a talented team. I knew that the first time we played them, you can see the talent that they had,” Mahomes said. “They were flying around to the football. “They made a few mistakes here and there and that’s why we kind of got the win the first time. But we understand how good this football team is and how much of a challenge it is going to be for us to go out there and try to find a way to get a win.”


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