Downcast Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘Furiously Sick To Their Stomach’ Over Harry’s Broken Confidence With Family

Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘sick to their stomachs’ over Harry’s Spare

Kate Middleton doesn’t even recognise what Prince Harry has become. Her comments come as Harry memoir Spare has become the fastest selling nonfiction book ever. According to the Princess of Wales, Harry has betrayed his own family and broken confidence with his new book. The revelation comes from a Royal source of Radar Online. Despite being “sick to their stomachs” over the whole thing, Prince William and Kate have accepted their tense relationship with Harry for the time being, the source claims. Meanwhile, King Charles III and the rest of the Royal Family have remained silent amid the controversy surrounding the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle. Spare discloses a number of incidents that happened when Harry and Meghan went to the UK to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth after her death in September 2022. Such revelations have not pleased the Royal Family, which decides to “say nothing” against Harry’s “backstabbing”, as per the publication.

Kate wants King Charles III, the father of William and Harry, to comment on Harry’s book, but she realises the value of keeping quiet, the report added. On January 10, Harry published his eagerly-awaited memoir Spare, in which he accused William of abusing him physically in 2019 and revealed information about Kate’s relationship with his wife Meghan Markle. The Suits actress and Harry exchanged vows in May 2018. Days before her wedding, it was widely reported that Meghan had made Kate cry. However, Meghan claimed later on what happened was exactly opposite. In fact, it was Kate who did something that made Meghan cry. She also claimed that Kate had apologised and Meghan forgave her. Prince Harry has said that he decided not to go into great detail about his family in his memoir because he thought they would never forgive him. To protect his family, he claimed to have chopped his memoir in half. His autobiography, Spare, had a longer original transcript than the final one, Harry said in an interview with Bryony Gordon of The Telegraph.


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