Prince Harry Meghan Unknowingly Shut Themselves The Chance To Join The Hollywood Elite After Released Of Book Spare

This is how Harry and Meghan may have cost themselves

It is impossible to move right now without hearing news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the former released a book chronicling his relationship with the British Royal Family, and the pair had their own documentary made. One the first day of Harry’s book ‘Spare’ being out, it sold 1.43 million copies, which made it the best-selling non-fiction book ever. Before the book, a Netflix documentary was clipped up and reported on far and wide, with millions picking their side between the pair who reside in the United States of America, and the Royal Family back in the United Kingdom. Many now feel that what the couple are doing is trying to raise their celebrity profile in Hollywood and become part of that network. Many royal experts do not think it will work to their advantage, though.

Can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break into the Hollywood elite?

In a publication by Fox News Digital, several experts analysed what may await Harry and Meghan in the United States. “I think ‘Spare’ and the Netflix documentary will ultimately hurt Harry and Meghan’s relationships with the Hollywood elite,” Kinsey Schofield, host of the podcast ‘To Di For Daily’, said. “They are putting people in uncomfortable situations. “While having Tyler Perry and Oprah in your corner is a huge help, I think most individuals don’t want to pick a side and would prefer to avoid the drama.” Meanwhile, royal commentator Hilary Fordwich also doubts Harry and Meghan’s success in the US. “Americans, with an absence of royalty on their shores, are renowned for treasuring family,” she pointed out. “Britons value family too and certainly the recent outpouring for the late Queen Elizabeth II demonstrated the love for the Royal Family. “In America, there was a time when family for recent immigrants was one of the few things they had. So family is especially treasured.” By attacking their own family, there is a chance that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent media campaign may have backfired.


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