Patrick Mahomes’ Comical Message To Trevor Lawrence’s That Set The Battles rolling After First NFL Playoff Win

Patrick Mahomes’ comical reaction to Trevor Lawrence’s Waffle House run after first NFL Playoff win

Just like the majority of the viewing public, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was in disbelief watching the Jacksonville Jaguars come back to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL’s wild-card round. Apparently, Mahomes was also envious upon hearing Jags QB Trevor Lawrence celebrated the win by getting a victory meal at Waffle House. As the Chiefs and Jaguars prepare to meet in the divisional round Saturday, Patrick Mahomes was asked how he celebrated his first playoff win, and he recalled it not being on the level of going to the famous restaurant, per James Palmer of NFL Network.

Last time we checked, Mahomes and Lawrence are star quarterbacks on NFL franchises. In Lawrence’s case, he’s pretty much the king of Jacksonville, especially after leading the squad back from the dead of falling behind 27-0 to the Chargers. Throw in the fact the Jags haven’t been to the playoffs since 2017, and the star power is unlimited. In other words, Lawrence can go anywhere he wants to get a victory meal, and him choosing to go to a Waffle House, late at night to be one with the people, builds the relationship with the city even more. So the question is where would Mahomes go if he and the Chiefs win Saturday. Is Denny’s in the cards? Maybe IHOP is the restaurant of choice. How about Whataburger? Before we get to that question, the Chiefs have to beat the Jaguars first. As good as Waffle House might be, dodging Jags pass-rushers is where Mahomes’ focus is, at least until Saturday.


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