Draymond Green Incredible Praise On Steph Curry Sees Him As Possible Choice For President Of The United States

Steph Curry Could Be President

Steph Curry can do it all on the basketball court. Draymond Green believes he can do even more off the court. The Warriors visited the White House today where Draymond Green gave Curry the highest praise possible. Green was asked if he believed Curry could run for President of the United States, to which Green gave a very complementary answer. “I thought Steph’s speech was incredible,” Green said. “I think Steph could someday run for president of the United States. What better person? Smart, put together, doesn’t really make mistakes. Why not?”

In all honesty, Steph Curry is one of the most perfect representatives for the NBA. He’s one of the most intelligent players, always has a great answer, and doesn’t get himself in any trouble. The Warriors’ visit to the White House was one of all smiles and viral moments. There was a period of time when players refused to go to the White House, so it’s great to see that connection be established again. Whether or not NBA players like to admit it, their voice has an impact on the communities they have influence in, and going to the White House only amplifies that. Before Steph Curry starts his presidential run, he needs to help lead the Warriors to their championship run this season.


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