Camilla’s Cruel Revenge On Kate Middleton Vows To Make Life Miserable And Unbearable For Her

Camilla's cruel revenge on Kate Middleton

Queen Consort Camilla is reportedly forcing Kate Middleton’s parents to use the servants’ entrance when they visit their grandkids, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte at the Kensington Palace. It has to be noted that Middleton comes from a common-born family, as her parents have made millions after founding a party goods store called Party Pieces. “Camilla can’t stop gloating and is determined to make Kate’s life a nightmare,” a palace insider told “She intends to ‘utterly humiliate’ William’s wife and ‘knock that common-born bed-warmer down a few pegs. “Camilla says ‘it’s fitting and proper’ the Middletons ‘use the servants’ entrance like the rest of the merchants who come crawling to the palace.

“They’ve been putting on airs just like their daughter and need to be put in their place.” A source also claimed that Camilla wants to give her children minor titles “as befits the offspring of Britain’s queen”. However, she is not willing to agree on doing the same with Prince William’s in-laws. “William and Kate are pushing back against Camilla’s petty plots but they have little chance of success,” a royal confidant told “For the moment, Charles and Camilla hold all the cards.”


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