See How Prince Harry Was Horribly Criticized By Friends As He Changed For The Worse Since Married To Meghan Markle

Prince Harry criticized by Prince William's friends

The new year that is 2023 is not going to be the year for a great familial reunion between Princes Harry and William, and the latter’s inner-circle of friends have even begun to criticize the younger of the two brothers. Prince Harry has drawn the ire of people through his relationship with Meghan Markle, as well as the subsequent Netflix docuseries following their life as a couple. With the series heavily critical of the British monarchy and the system of endemic pressure it creates, the release of it only furthered the divide between the two brothers. Harry’s own memoirs, entitled ‘Spare’ are due to be released in January of 2023, and those who have enjoyed an advanced reading of the content have made clear that it will only damage the relationship between the two brothers further.

William’s friends are outraged

It is somehow bizarre to envisage the friends of the next king launching to his defense like a pack of adolescents on a night out, yet that is exactly what Prince William’s inner-circle has done. posted an exclusive story in which they detailed have close friends of William have taken against Prince Harry and even openly criticized his behavior and marital choices. “He’s changed for the worse since his marriage,” a ‘friend’ revealed. “He’s turned his back on the monarchy, tradition and his birth family. “How he has the gall to brand his brother a bully because William called him out on the carpet for abandoning his royal duties after a life of privilege. “Bullying is a hot button for the increasingly woke Duke of Sussex, I think this all comes back to Meghan’s behavior and accusations she constantly belittled aides.” It’s unclear just how close this insider is to Prince William, although his use of buzzwords such as ‘woke’ suggest he is merely looking to ingratiate himself with the future king, rather than defend his corner.


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