Lakers Owner’s Fiance Controversial Remarks About LeBron’s Mom Goes Viral Among NBA Fans

Lakers owner's fiance makes controversial remarks about LeBron's mom

Controversial comments have been revealed about LeBron James’ mother which were said by the new fiancé of the Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. It was recently revealed that team owner Buss has gotten engaged to her long-time boyfriend, who is the comedian Jay Mohr. They have been in a relationship for nearly five years so they felt that the time was right to take the next step and become engaged to be married.


It is something that has the potential to cause some friction in the basketball world though as fans online have done some digging into Mohr’s past. He has a track record of making some pretty controversial comments that many feel are actually just racist. More pertinently, though, he has made a comment in the past about the mother of NBA and Lakers legend LeBron James. He tweeted back in 2010: “LeBron had to talk it over with his mother. He needed to play for a team where the guys on the team wouldn’t try to f**k her.” Other fans and members of other sports have made jokes about LeBron’s mother down the years meaning it was not very original material, but LeBron may not want to spend much time with Mohr if he were to spend more time around the facilities.


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