Patrick Mahomes Has Been Named The Undisputed Champion As He Defeated Almost Every NFL Team Already

Patrick Mahomes has defeated almost every NFL team already

The festive season has been in full swing lately, but on Sunday it wasn’t just Santa Claus who was checking things off his list just before Christmas—so, too, was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The big man in red (Santa, not Andy Reid) is famous for making a list and checking it twice, and in true Christmas spirit, Mahomes was at work doing a similar task on Christmas Eve. Kansas City earned a 24-10 win over Seattle on Saturday, a result that allowed Mahomes to cross the Seahawks off the list of NFL teams he has beaten in his career. Mahomes has now beaten almost every team in the league, an incredible feat in just five seasons as a starter. The Minnesota Vikings are the only side #15 is yet to defeat in his career—aside from the Chiefs, of course—but they are also a team he is yet to take on. The Vikings and Chiefs faced off in 2019, but Mahomes was sidelined with a knee injury – suffered against Denver a few weeks earlier – with Matt Moore under center against Minnesota that day. He won’t have to wait too long to have a shot at beating them too. The Vikings and Chiefs are set to meet in the regular season in 2023. And it’s possible the two teams could even meet in this season’s Super Bowl.

Prior to last weekend, the Chiefs and Mahomes lost to the Seahawks in their only other previous matchup, a 31-38 defeat back in 2018 that Mahomes has now remedied. Seattle isn’t the only team to recently be crossed off his list recently, as KC’s 26-10 win over the Rams in Week 11 was also Mahomes’ first over L.A. A Week 8 win over Tennessee was also a small milestone; it was the first time he had defeated the Titans in the regular season, having lost their previous two matchups. Mahomes is 1-0 against the Titans in the postseason. The Indianapolis Colts, alongside the Chiefs and Vikings, are the only other team Mahomes has not yet vanquished in the regular season. The Chiefs superstar is 0-2 against the Colts in regular-season meetings, including a loss back in Week 3. However, Mahomes has bested Indianapolis in the postseason, earning a 31-13 victory in the Divisional Round back in 2018. Denver is the team Mahomes has defeated the most in his career, having beaten the Broncos in all 10 of their meetings so far. In fact, the Broncos are one of the 18 teams in the NFL Mahomes has never lost to – along with Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, New York Giants, New York Jets, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Washington. Once Mahomes is able to cross the Vikings off his “to beat” list, just like Santa Claus, he can start checking them off twice.


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