Stephen Curry Interest For Charlotte Hornets In The Future Unease Warriors Fans

Stephen Curry Teases Warriors Fans About Playing For The Charlotte Hornets In The Future

Stephen Curry might be teasing an exit from the Golden State Warriors to join the Charlotte Hornets, where his father Dell shone. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are a match made in heaven. The team always believed in the player and he never let them down, changing the NBA forever while taking his squad to win four NBA championships in six trips to the Finals. Curry can’t be happier in the bay since he’s the closest thing to a God to Warriors fans. Yet, his future hasn’t always been clear for them, and Curry was even linked with a move away in the past couple of seasons. Somehow, he was linked with the Los Angeles Lakers after reports surfaced suggesting that LeBron James was trying to recruit Steph to the Los Angelenos team. That’s part of the past now, but this wouldn’t be the last time we hear about Curry leaving the Warriors.

Stephen Curry Teases Warriors Fans About Playing For The Charlotte Hornets In The Future

He’s the greatest Warrior of all time and makes the most money on the roster, but none of that can assure that he’ll stay on the team his entire career. During a recent interview with Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer, the Chef admitted that he has thought about going to Charlotte and using the same number his father used when he played for the Hornets. “I think both things can be true: I love the journey with the Warriors, and there’s never been any real interest in playing for any other team. But the curiosity around what it would be like to play for your hometown, what it’d be like to live in Charlotte, to possibly set up roots and all that? You think about it for sure,” Curry said. “If I can play for the Warriors my entire career and be one of those guys where I’ve had a lot of success – individually and collectively as a team – and become a one-team guy? That list is pretty short. … But like I said, that can be true, and also the curiosity of like, ‘What would it be like to wear No. 30 in Charlotte like my pops?'” Going back to his hometown is something Curry has thought and talked about it before. When he played against the Hornets earlier this season, he admitted he wanted to have a buzzer-beater at Spectrum Center and record his hometown hero game-winner. Of course, he has made it clear that he wants to stay with the Warriors until he retires, but anything can happen in the NBA. This would be a shocking move for Steph, but right now, this is a highly unlikely scenario.


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