Kate And Williams ‘Risk Terrible Wrath’ Of Princess Anne After ‘Breaking Sacred Royal Protocol’ On Visit

Kate and William 'risk wrath' of Princess Anne after 'breaking royal protocol'

Kate, the Princess of Wales, and Prince William appeared to break royal protocol during a visit to Scarborough this week, according to a royal expert. Neil Sean remarked that the couple’s warm and tactile approach, which included posing for selfies with those in the crowd, went against the royal tradition. He said that Princess Anne in particular could have been “offended” by the gestures, as the Prince and Princess of Wales set about a new way of carrying out royal visits. Mr Sean suggested that the couple could “risk the wrath of Princess Anne”. Speaking on his YouTube Channel, Neil Sean’s Daily Headline news, he said: “Could the brand new Prince and Princess of Wales have offended the Princess Royal? “Princess Anne is not too keen on breaking royal protocol. She comes from an era where the protocol was incredibly important. “While she has had to adapt in the modern age, she told me once that she couldn’t understand why people wanted to film events on their phones, rather than being in the moment.”

The royal commentator continued: “The Prince and Princess of Wales have taken it a step further by posing for a number of selfies. “This is not something the late Queen or the Princess Royal are keen on. “On a visit to Scarborough, they seemingly broke royal protocol. They agreed to have numerous selfies with people in the crowd. “One man even put her arm around Catherine. This would not have happened a few years ago. “Sources in the Palace tell me that this is simply the way that William and Catherine want to run things – that it’s about reaching out to the people who have come to see them. “According to Anne, she simply just does not get it.” The recent royal visit to Scarborough was planned to announce funding for community services, and boost funding for mental health support. The Prince and Princess of Wales were met by adoring crowds during the visit, as the royal couple took time to talk to those who had gathered at two community centres. Speaking to OK! magazine recently, former royal butler Grant Harrold said the tactile approach was here to stay.

He said: “I think William and the other younger royals have realised that they can’t get away with being aloof.” Mr Harrold added that William’s affectionate nature is likely something he inherited from his mother Princess Diana. After the tour, William told the donors, volunteers and centre-users: “We heard a lot upstairs about mental health priorities, safe spaces, places to go for young people after schools and food, these are particularly keen issues that seem to be resonating through the community today. “I think, particularly on the mental health side of things, tackling that stigma, talking about mental health and providing services throughout the community are crucial to how we go forwards and deal with mental health issues that many, many people face.”


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