LeBron James ‘Highly Impressed’ Reacts To Durant’s Incredible Ankle Breaker

LeBron James Reacts to Kevin Durant’s Incredible Ankle Breaker

Kevin Durant’s highlight ankle-breaking bucket, where the forward sent Wizards forward Daniel Gafford to the floor, caught the NBA by storm on Friday night. While Durant downplayed the move, the Nets star got a heap of praise from everyone around the league. That includes from LeBron James, who has never been afraid to praise his peers. The Lakers forward went on Twitter to express how impressed he was by the standalone picture of Durant making the shot.

“INSANE bro!!! Iconic for sure,” he said.

Despite never playing on the same team, James and Durant have always shared a mutual respect for each other, and James specifically has enjoyed publicly praising Durant. Durant finished the game with 28 points, nine rebounds and 11 assists as the Nets beat the Wizards by 42 points on the road. However, that game will forever be known as the game in which he broke Gafford’s ankles for the sake of a score.


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