King Charles III Has Finally ‘Displaces And Revoke Prince Harry And Meghan’s Tittles Over Netflix And Book Contract

King Charles III 'prepared' to revoke Prince Harry and Meghan's titles

Despite his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, declining to take such an extreme measure when she was alive, King Charles III is preparing to extend such a ban to the couple’s kids, Metro reported quoting royal author Tom Bower. Over the last two years, Bower has spoken to dozens of courtiers and associates. He believes the Duchess of Sussex will not back down even if the titles are under threat. Following their return for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral ceremony in London in September, Bower highlighted the animosities and tense relationships between senior royals. He said King Charles II had tried to “diffuse” the issue rather than remove their titles. He has threatened Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on several occasions, warning that they will experience ostracism in ways they cannot imagine if they move forward.

If they continue to defame the Royal Family, their offspring’s titles are at risk. But they must also consider their titles, as Charles has the right to revoke the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex if they overstep boundaries. Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Harry is still on board and likely angrier than ever. The Sussexes had no reconciliation with Prince William and Catherine Middleton and were excluded from events and not permitted to wear his uniform. On Sirius XM, Bower called Harry brainwashed, misguided and needy, among other things, and Meghan was the one who assisted him.


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