King Charles Terribly Perplexed And Feels Betrayed By Prince Harry’s Book As Royal Family In Terrified Mood

King Charles Terrible Perplexed And Feels Betrayed By Prince Harry's Book

Prince Harry’s upcoming book Spare is not something King Charles III is looking forward to. Royal biographer Christopher Andersen thinks the current king sees his son’s memoir as a “betrayal”. Charles feels the same about Harry’s wife Meghan Markle’s other public remarks about the Royal Family, according to Andersen. Anderson is the author of The King, Charles’ first biography since becoming king. The book, due out on November 8, serves as an “authoritative chronicle” of the king’s life, says publisher Simon & Schuster. As per the Royal author, Charles has been communicating with Harry over the past couple of years to let him know that he is still loved and that they want him back. He complimented Harry’s efforts on behalf of the environment. In his speech following The Queen’s demise, he mentioned Harry.

Charles and Camilla, as well as everyone else, are “terrified” about what Harry could say in the book, Andersen told Entertainment Tonight (ET). The memoir has a lot to do with Harry’s growing up and the marriage of Charles and Diana, so this will be another “series of grenades” that Harry and Meghan would throw at Buckingham Palace as per Andersen who thinks everything is seen through this lens now. Charles does feel somewhat “betrayed” by Harry since, at first, the Royal Family truly embraced Meghan. When Meghan’s father failed to arrive, Charles led her down the last portion of the aisle. Charles was the one who grew close to Meghan’s mother. It is therefore incredibly distressing to hear her speak the things she is saying today and to perceive it as a sort of turn against them, Anderson added. Charles came to his rescue during Harry’s formative years, when he was the rebel prince. Harry has now gone past the point Charles is willing to put up with his memoir, the Royal biographer believes. Andersen thinks the challenge is that Charles must lead the monarchy in the path he desires, and in order to do so, he has consistently believed that he requires “all hands on deck”. Harry and Meghan are also a part of that.


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