Tyreek Hill Profess Patrick Mahomes Chiefs Are Unstoppable Without Him: ‘That Whole Team Is Still Going To Be Great’

Tyreek Hill says Patrick Mahomes

Tyreek Hill has said plenty since he was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins, having a quote for any topic presented to him. While in the midst of embracing his new team, Hill made sure he defended his old one now that’s he’s not a part of the Kansas City offense anymore. Hill doesn’t believe in the questions surrounding the Chiefs offense without him, nor is he concerned how they’ll perform. “‘One-Five’ (Patrick Mahomes) — he’s still going to be great. ‘TK’ (Travis Kelce) is still going to be great. That whole team is still going to be great,” Hill said Wednesday. “I just feel like all I can do is just be me. Be me and just help this team win games. “All I can do is just control what I can control. That’s my energy, that’s my effort and that’s my intensity every time I step on this field.”

Hill was certainly productive in his days with the Chiefs, specifically with Mahomes at quarterback. He ranks seventh in the NFL in receptions (343), fourth in receiving yards (4,854), second in reception touchdowns (43) and sixth in receiving first downs (231) over the past four seasons (all with Mahomes). While Mahomes has thrown his most touchdown passes to Hill (41), he’s completed 64% of his passes and averaged 363.3 yards per game in the four games without him. Mahomes has also thrown eight touchdowns to zero interceptions and has an 108.9 passer rating in those four games. “I think we have the right guys in the building,” Mahomes said last week. “I mean obviously it starts with the coaching staff. We have a coach that coached with a variety of weapons and at all of his different stops, and his offense has always been great. We have a lot of great coordinators, great position coaches that will coach their guys up and then the players.

“We’ve got a lot of guys that love football, that want to come in here and work. Obviously, we see stuff on SportsCenter or whatever that is and that people are kind of doubting us a little bit and I think it gives guys extra motivation to come out here and just play even better than they thought they could because they want to make sure to prove that we’re still going to be that prolific offense we’ve been since Andy Reid has been in Kansas City.” Both players are moving on and are expected to have continued success, even though it will be awkward not seeing Mahomes throw passes to Hill this season and beyond.


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