Patriots Fans Deal With Sunday’s Loss to Chiefs

Patriots Fans Deal With Sunday’s Loss to Chiefs



Patriots fans in attendance at Sunday’s game against the Chiefs thought they would be seeing history. The Patriots hadn’t lost a game at home since 2017. The team had 21 straight wins at home, tied for the longest in Patriots’ history. A home win against the Chiefs would break the record at 22. However, that is not what happened.



The Chiefs beat the Patriots 23-16, ending their home win streak and giving them their second straight loss. Patriots fans had no idea how to deal with the loss and went crazy. When down 20-7 at halftime, fans booed the Patriots off the field. Television broadcasters even disagreed with the fans for booing.

Patriots Fans Deal With Sunday’s Loss to Chiefs

CBS Sports Radio host, Damon Amendolara, took to twitter to write, “Man, 6 Super Bowl trophies, 8 straight AFC Title games… and Pats fans are booing? Wait till they get a few 8-8’s and non-playoff seasons again in Foxboro, i.e. what every other fan base has endured since the dawn of football.”



After the game, and home win streak, were lost, fans went crazy in the stands. While the stadium was still clearing out, Patriots fans started to fight each other in their seats. It remains unclear how and why the scrap started but it lasted a little while and involved quite a few people.


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