Patrick Mahomes And Brittany Matthews Surprisingly Missed Dallas Mavericks’ Dominant Game 7 With Over Phoenix Suns For Comical Reason

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews Missed Dallas Mavericks’

Patrick Mahomes and his beloved wife Brittany Matthews are avid sports fanatics who love watching the NBA, especially the games of the Dallas Mavericks. The power couple was destined to watch the Western Conference NBA Playoffs semifinal between Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks, but unfortunately, they couldn’t make it to the court.

It seems Mahomes’ private jet Airshare Challenger 350, betrayed him at a very crucial moment. “I don’t want to talk about how my flight didn’t take off…” the Chiefs QB wrote on Twitter. Matthews was equally sad to share the news with her followers. “Welp was supposed to be at this Mavs game tonight….but maintenance issues got us again,” she wrote on Twitter. This was not the first time Mahomes was seen cheering for the Mavericks. He attended various games in the city, even mongering rumors of a potential switch from his NFL career to NBA.

What did Patrick Mahomes miss in the crucial semifinal match? The hype that was created before this clash of Phoenix Suns Vs Dallas Mavericks didn’t go in vain. Moreover, it was a nail-biting match with the Suns hosting the Mavericks on Sunday. It was a disappointing day for the Phoenix as they lost 90-123 in game 7 of their western conference playoffs.

Luka Doncic led the Mavericks with 35 points in the game. He went 12-for-19 from the field. Spencer Dinwiddie added 30 points to the total along with Jalen Brunson’s 24 in the match. On the Phoenix side, Chris Paul and Devin Booker contributed 10 & 11 points for the team. With Dallas enjoying their thumping victory over the Suns, the team will next face the Golden State Warriors in the finals. The only thing that upset the club was Patrick Mahomes’ absence.

Back in 2019, the former Super Bowl Champion is a man . He could also move his legs on the Basketball court. A video made rounds on Social media platforms where Mahomes dribbled for some eye-catching shots at a Kansas City gym. Even though fans enjoyed the moment, the Chiefs were terrified to see the quarterback on a basketball court.

“The Kingdom can be assured: No more basketball for Pat . . . We were able to nip that in the bud.” Chiefs general manager Brett Veach told radio station WHB after the video went viral. Looking at his past connection to college Basketball and love for the game, fans can imagine how much missing a game means for Mahomes & his wife.


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