Paige Spiranac Again ‘Hit Hard’ On Patrick Mahomes And Brittany Matthews

Paige Spiranac Takes Aim At Patrick

Paige Spiranac has quietly turned into one of the biggest personalities in all of sports media over the past few years. After starting out as simply a golf influencer, she has now branched out and transformed into a respected voice for football, basketball, baseball and everything in-between.

This week, Spiranac decided to address something of a hot topic: Patrick Mahomes, his new wife Brittany Matthews and his irritating little brother Jackson Mahomes. Specifically, she mentioned all three while discussing the worst people to follow on social media: It’s hard to argue with her assessment. All three are pretty universally regarded as incredibly grating – particularly Brittany and Jackson.

Jackson frequently goes viral for his attempts at trying to prove that he is into women, trying to forcefully kiss girls for viral clout and allegedly snorting questionable substances at events. Brittany, meanwhile, often finds herself at the center of attention for going wild at events like Coachella, racy private photos with her beau and the occasional racial tweets controversy.

Finally, despite being an extremely respected quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick often sees himself in the news for looking miserable next to his new wife at various public events. So much so, in fact, that his mental health has started coming under scrutiny. With all that being said – it’s easy to see why Spiranac would call out the Mahomes Clan on social media.

Spiranac, meanwhile, is an expert in the space. Her extremely successful content largely speaks for itself: Beyond that, Spiranac is also just brutally honest. Whether she is discussing her recently-failed marriage or her extremely embarrassing private photo leak – she always keeps it real.

This was no exception. Will the Mahomes family respond to Spiranac’s criticism? Or will they simply ignore it, as they have in the past? Time will tell.


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