What A Surprise For F1 Fans As Saudi Circuit Has Been ‘Modified For Verstappen’ After Last Year’s Crash

F1 fans notice Saudi circuit

Formula One fans have noticed that the track at the Saudi Arabian GP has slightly changed following Max Verstappen’s crash in qualifying last year. It was a big surprise for fans when they notice a modification work which led to the extension of the track at Saudi Arabian.

With Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s title race flying towards its end, Verstappen made a crucial error in qualifying. The Dutchman was on course for the fastest time when he collided with the wall on the final turn which cost him the title race at Saudi Arabian.

F1 fans notice Saudi circuit

And eagle-eyed F1 fans have now noticed that the turn has been slightly extended following Verstappen’s crash in December. Images online show the track has been extended to make the final corner wider to prevent a similar outcome this year. One fan tweeted: “So because Max can’t see a wall they’ve moved it?”

“That Verstappen does not crash again, the spoiled child cannot finish the first two races with 0 points,” another joked. While a third added: “More space for that Fraud to push drivers against the wall!

A fourth, however, had a different opinion: “Welcome changes in Jedda for the weekend that Track was literally designed for causing collisions…” Verstappen failed to earn any point in the season opener in Bahrain over the weekend.

The reigning World Champion was forced to retire while Hamilton was able to claim a spot on the podium.


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