Andy Reid praises Alex Smith’s relationship with Patrick Mahomes

Andy Reid praises Alex Smith’s relationship with Patrick Mahomes

During a guest appearance on the Herd with Colin Cowherd, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid praised Alex Smith’s mentoring of Patrick Mahomes.

Colin Cowherd had Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on as a guest of his show, The Herd, on Friday. During the interview, Reid touched on several topics, including the ‘business’ aspect of the league and how tough it is not being able to keep all the players you want because of the salary cap.



When discussing how that impacted the decision to trade Tyreek Hill, he also had a rather cryptic comment, saying, “This is one of the last true teams we have going.” But he was excited nonetheless about the Chiefs’ future.



But then Cowherd asked Andy about the relationship between Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes during Mahomes’s rookie year (and ultimately Smith’s last with the team). The relationship has been highlighted recently because of the contrasting comments that Ryan Tannehill made about it not being his job to “mentor” the Tennessee Titan’s new rookie QB.So what did Andy have to say about Smith and Mahomes’ surprisingly good relationship a few years back?


Andy Reid praises Alex Smith’s relationship with Patrick Mahomes

I don’t think there could be a better coach to handle that situation. Let’s be honest, Alex could’ve completely brushed off the prospect of helping his eventual replacement, much like Tannehill said. Plenty of quarterbacks have taken the same path. Brett Favre and even Tom Brady are perfect examples of good (or elite in their case) quarterbacks, who refused to help their (potential) replacements.



Whether you agree with this attitude or not, the fact that Andy Reid not only expected it but even encouraged it, says a lot. It no doubt took the pressure off Alex Smith, allowing him to go out and perform, which led to Smith having the best statistical season of his career. And, as Reid notes, Alex had a natural desire to want to help others, especially Mahomes. And that paid off too.



Reid doesn’t have to tell us that Alex Smith was the greatest thing that could’ve happened to Patrick Mahomes. We all know. Mahomes would’ve been great either way, but having that one year to sit behind a solid veteran who was willing to teach the rookie (even though he didn’t have to) no doubt contributed to Mahomes winning MVP in his first year starting, and Super Bowl MVP in his second. Andy Reid fostering that environment is just another reason why he’s one of the greatest NFL head coaches of all time.


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