Aaron Rodgers Makes Approval Of Sammy Watkins Signing Says It’s Booster Pill To Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers makes approval

Adams was by no means traded for pennies on the dollar. The Packers got a handful of draft picks they plan on using, in part to replace the star wide receiver. Searching for a replacement that will fit in the shoes of Adams was a difficult task for Green bay Packers. But a player like Adams cannot simply be replaced with one man. As solid as Watkins may be with Rodgers at quarterback, at this stage of his career he is not a No. 1 wideout, nor should Green Bay ask him to be.

But signing Watkins is a step in the right direction, and a start by Brien Gutekunst in he quest to make the 2022 Packers a more complete team. No. 12 knows this, and wanted to be sure to give his stamp of approval. Sammy Watkins is certainly not an average player with the kind of potential and experience he will bring to the team as a solid quarterback, this will go a long way to position the team as strong contender for this championship.

Through Pat McAfee, Rodgers expressed how excited he is to play with Watkins as one of his top wideouts. A stable veteran like the former Chiefs target can be critical with the game on the line. The easy answer to that question is no, and Rodgers surely knows more is coming, or else he wouldn’t have commented on the matter publicly.

With Watkins in play, the Packers can go three-wide with Sammy, Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb. Last year’s third-round pick, Amari Rodgers, is also progressing nicely. However, you can be expect the Packers to be in on several big-name receivers in the NFL Draft. A rookie wideout comes on an affordable contract. From a young player’s perspective, starting one’s career with a quarterback like Rodgers isn’t such a bad thing, either.


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