Patrick Mahomes Blows Hot, Reveals the Best Things He Bought Since Signing His Record-Setting Contract


Patrick Mahomes firmly secured his long-term future with the Kansas City Chiefs after a record-breaking deal last offseason. The extension has changed Mahomes‘ life off the field in many ways. During a recent interview, he revealed his best purchase since signing the contract with Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes inks historic contract with Chiefs

After leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in five decades, the chatter around the franchise concerned Patrick Mahomes‘ next contract. Although, Kansas City downplayed the situation, the team quickly worked out a record-breaking extension with their star quarterback. According to ESPN, the two sides agreed to an astounding 10-year extension for $450 million, worth up to $503 million if incentives are reached. The contract runs through 2031, with Mahomes receiving $141 million in injury guarantee with roster bonuses due each March. The contract is essentially a 12-year extension as he still has two years left on his rookie deal.
The 25-year-old put himself in a promising spot after a rapid ascension to stardom and success. The Chiefs are fully committed to building the future around him over the next decade. With all that in mind, Mahomes recently discussed his best purchase since signing his massive contract.
Patrick Mahomes reveals his best purchase since inking his huge contract
Since Patrick Mahomes inked his massive extension with the Chiefs, his life on and off the field has changed drastically.
Mahomes has garnered a life-changing income that has forever altered his future. As expected, the reigning Super Bowl MVP has splurged a bit since inking the deal, such as recently buying his fiancé Brittany Matthews a $200,000 Lamborghini.

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, Mahomesd revealed that the best purchase he made since inking his contract was acquiring a plot of land in Kansas City, Missouri.
“I mean, I bought a car, but that’s super simple,” Mahomes said. “I feel like everyone buys a car. I actually bought a plot of land that I am going to build a house in Kansas City. I figured my contract has a couple of years on there so I will be here for a little bit.”
Mahomes added that he plans to have half a football field in his backyard to work out with teammates and trainers. He also wants to construct a basketball court and some golf putting greens.
With his first child on the way, Mahomes has some significant life plans ahead that involve settling down in Kansas City for a long time.

Bright future ahead in Kansas City
Beyond his personal life, Patrick Mahomes holds a bright future ahead with the Chiefs.
Mahomes is the driving force to what has put Kansas City in back-to-back Super Bowls, including three straight AFC championship game appearances. The 25-year-old is playing at a first-ballot Hall of Fame pace that could see many more title opportunities ahead.
He has already potentially solidified himself as the face of the league, which may be his status over the next decade. With continued success, will come plenty of chances to expand his brand through lucrative off-the-field business matters.
Mahomes is on a trajectory that many feel he could one day vie for the mantel as the greatest NFL quarterback. In other words, he has his future in his hands to construct a legacy that could one day see him become the gold standard at his position.
The task ahead in Super Bowl 55 will be challenging against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it’s another career-defining moment. It’s an opportunity to take his legacy to the next level.


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