Death Threat – Lewis Hamilton Shows Support To Nicholas Latifi – See Huge Details…

Death Threat - Lewis Hamilton Shows Support To Nicholas Latifi - See Huge Details...

Lewis Hamilton has Shown his support for fellow Formula 1 driver Nicholas Latifi after the latter revealed how he received death threats after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which saw Max Verstappen come away victorious in dramatic circumstances.

The Canadian-Iranian driver suffered a crash which led to the chaos which eventually saw the Dutchman steal ahead of Hamilton and claim the title.

“You have to take the threats seriously because you don’t know what might happen and it is just an unfortunate reality of the world we live in and there were extreme death threats which went way over the line,” said Latifi.

“In terms of the support I got from it afterwards, Lewis did send me a message just a few days before I released the statement.

“Obviously I won’t go into details of what he said. I did get some messages of support from other team members at Mercedes as well.”

Hamilton has urged social media companies to take a stronger stance on this, and similar, issues.

“Ultimately, I don’t think there has been a huge change or shift, or enough work that has been done by these social platforms,” Hamilton said when asked about Latifi’s comments.

“We still have to apply pressure for them to make changes. Mental health is a real thing and on these social platforms, people are experiencing abuse in a way that no one deserves and that should never be tolerated.

“They are able to make changes but they don’t seem to do it quick enough. So I think we just need to continue to apply pressure

“I was in touch with Nicholas. He has my full support and I know how difficult it can be in those situations. I think it’s important for him to know that he has support from people around him.

“On another side of things, you can see that there is so much passion within this sport. That’s what really makes this sport so great – there is so much passion. But we have got to channel that in a positive way, not a negative.”


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